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Finely Crafted Platinum Bridal and Commitment Jewelry

Platinum Engagement and Wedding rings are my specialty

Please read the Custom  page and my F. A. Q. before you write or call.

Price chart  for MWM unique platinum engagement ring settings.  

 I reserve time between 3:00 and 5:00 PM Eastern Time, most week days to personally speak with you about what's on your mind.

 Please call me at  978-369-1950


  On the advice of many in recent years, I'm beginning the task of building a much better organized website. 

New site is pretty much just a shell now but the contact form is functional. You can take it for a test drive.

Typically, Bridal orders begin to stack up in January / February. 

If you intend to work with Mark Morrell for your bridal needs, It's wise to start early and allow for the time to get it right. 

New Semi-Bezel setting. Please click for more information 

October 5, 2015

There is a new offering in the MWM Torchiere line.

Raised, concave base / donut under the crown allows for a low profile, straight wedding band to fit flush beside the woven crown. 

This new bit won't help with a tall profile wedding band.


The new base configuration is taller and tapered down low. The woven crown is a little bit shorter than usually seen in my work.

I suggest that this treatment is best suited to center stones that are at least 7 millimeters in diameter.


Please click here for  images of the "Flush-Fit" modification as part of a striking, custom made wedding set. 

Sold: 1.08 carat Yellow Sapphire set in 18 karat Yellow gold Slim, Petite, Split 4 prong setting. 

Sapphire is most certainly heated. ~5.8 mm round.

Ring size is US 4.25

This is the first of the coming "Slim Petite" series of settings. Styles and metals will vary. The common factor of the "Slim Petites" is a maximum shank width of about ~2 millimeters wide.  

This ring has been sold at $1,527.75 including insured FedEx shipping within the contiguous United States.

Colored gem stones are generally unique specimens. Size, shape, color and hue are specific to the individual gemstone.
We don't expect to ever have an exact duplicate of any gems we publish. When a piece has been sold, it's gone. 

However, your response to this offering has been very much appreciated. I'll make more finished gemstone pieces available as the proper stones present themselves.

Gallery is located on the front page and in "Signature Settings" here.

Please write or call for more information.

A recent client request: 18K gold ring body and (900) platinum crown.

2 tone Interpretation of my Original Flame solitaire setting without diamonds set into the crown.

Round, Brilliant cut Stone is ~6.5mm diameter. Ring size shown here is 5.

Ring body is ~2.5 mm wide.

Center stone is a branded, synthetic moissanite.

We can source faceted synthetic moissanite as well as "Forever Brilliant" branded synthetic moissanite for you. 

As always, we generally have access to a nice selection of premium cut, AGS and GIA certified round diamonds as well.  

Gallery for this ring is located here



A new twist on the venerable MWM "Classic Torchiere" setting. Photos were just finished. I'll add more information a bit later.



Gallery for this ring is located here


New projects will typically run at about 6 week's delivery time from date of final decision and funding. As I always suggest - Please let us know what delivery date you need. Some projects require more or less time than others. We'll consider your specific project requirements along with your requested delivery schedules before I promise a date.



We appreciate your interest in working with us. FedEx and Customs have been very "circular" with regard to required import declarations regarding your responsibilities for import duties and taxes. We'll try, once again, to take care of our Australian cousins.

 Please allow plenty of time for the import process to complete.   


Folks sometimes ask about having their center stone set into one of my newly made pieces by their own jeweler. 

I've prepared a document for that. The PDF file is here. 


I do receive requests for new project plans from folks who haven't read my pages and appear surprised by fee request.

Custom or new project development time does require an initial, non-refundable fee. My  initial development fee is usually US $600.00 or more if your explanation of what you seek is probably going to warrant a higher starting fee. This fee may cover some or all of the time required to develop your thoughts into 3 dimensional data. My advance development fee does not add to the cost of a project that needs to be developed to begin with. It is simply a way of qualifying a potential client for consideration. Actual development time - whether that time amounts to more or less than the time represented in your initial, non-refundable fee is always accounted for in the final price of a project.


Project processing procedures

 When we have your  approval on a project proposal, you'll be provided with instructions for funding your new project. After we have received the agreed funding - either agreed working deposit of full payment - we'll submit your invoice. In the short term, your cancelled check or notice of wire transfer will serve as receipt of your initial funding - just as your bank records would reflect an electronic purchase. 

Project cost proposals will be valid for 3 working days. If we don't receive notice of your intent to fund your project within 3 working days, we'll set your project aside until we hear from you. After that 3 working day window has closed, project cost may change and I can not honor any discussion we may have had regarding delivery schedules. No further action will be taken on your project until we hear from you regarding the funding of your product proposal. We will send your invoice either directly after we receive agreed funding or along with your completed project as you choose. The process outlined above will help me to deliver as promised and is directly related to our monthly sales reporting responsibility. 

Why are we doing it this way? We have received verbal / written approvals to proposals that were invoiced but then failed to be funded. 

Please don't hesitate to call me between 3:00 and 5:00 PM Eastern Time - Monday through Friday - or write whenever you have the chance -  with any thoughts.


Purchasing MWM settings from authorized Resellers

At times, another jeweler is authorized to resell the settings on my price grid - as they are described on my price grid - when that vendor is the seller of the primary diamond.

This scenario allows for your vendor to process your order smoothly and it allows time for me to correspond with MWM customers (including your vendor). If you desire customization or feel more comfortable in having direct communication with me regarding your project, please book your setting project directly with me. We've tried to manage communications with both the vendor and, concurrently, with the consumer for setting projects. That dual line of communications is dangerous, time consuming, and most often leads to conflicting instructions for any project.  



My “13 diamond Petite” bead set wedding band was developed for wear with my "Petite SunBurst" ring setting.

 It can be worn equally as well with my 6 prong Petite Torchiere. There will be a small gap between SunBurst or Torchiere engagement ring and any straight wedding band.

 My straight, Petite, bead set wedder is an especially good fit with 4 prong round or cushion "Petite Torchiere" ring settings. 

Below is a link to the presentation of my 13 diamond straight wedding band > 

In working with my clients, we’ve found that my 13 diamond band offers good finger 
coverage up to about ring size 4 or so. Above ring size 5, the same band style with 15 
diamonds provides good coverage for the crest of the finger. 

Market prices are in upheaval. Please contact us for a quote.

We can modify this style to carry up to ~3/4 circumference diamond coverage or larger diamonds as a special request. 


18 Karat Yellow Gold has frequently come up in discussions over the past months. 

Please don't hesitate to ask about any of my Signature pieces in all 18K yellow gold or in combination with platinum.

Currently, 18K yellow gold pieces will be a bit less expensive than my all (900) platinum pieces on my price grid.

Combination 18K.Y. and platinum pieces will likely be a bit more expensive than all platinum work due to extended fabrication time.

One caution, however, is that my alloy of 18K yellow gold may not match the color of existing 18K yellow gold you may have. Various metal refineries have different recipes for karat gold alloys.   


Lincoln had a beautiful sapphire and a vision for a new setting style.

 We broke some new ground. 

Not a diamond center stone 

Please click on the image above for more views of Lincoln's lovely custom made setting.


Lead times for many signature series engagement ring and wedding bands are currently running at 4 to 6 weeks from date funded to delivery. 

Many of my signature engagement settings definitions are ready for manufacture. Most modifications will require more time. 


Lily dreamed of a "Lily of the Valley" engagement ring setting.   I had a new technology to learn. 

Not a diamond center stone 

Together, we made Lily's dream come true. Please click on the photo to open Lily's gallery.


Several recent customer requests located below this line. Please click (or right click :-) an image below to view it's gallery.

Four Split prongs for a 2+ carat round center

Beautiful Sapphire from Natural Sapphire Co

Hold on a minute! What color is that ring?

Heart tips over well chamfered square points

 (900) platinum "Petite Torchiere" with custom 4 diamond crown for Alex' diamond 

(900) Platinum "SunBurst" crown / "Fancy Torchiere" ring body for Drew's sapphire

18K yellow gold "Petite Torchiere" for Asscher cut - no crown diamonds for Kevin's diamond

Modified "Torchiere Classic" with 4 crown diamonds   for Rosa's Princess cut  stone


FAQ entry update: Can I be sure that I'll get my stone(s) back and not someone else's by mistake? 


Great News for international clients!

In 2010, my shipping insurance company, together with FedEx,  presented us with a streamlined process for shipping to UK, Canada and Australia.

 We've now shipped to all of these locations and it has been painless for us to orchestrate, reasonably fast for our clients (delivery happened next day in Canada and within a few days to UK and Australia), and not terribly expensive for shipping costs. FedEx has their own customs offices at each destination so there's not a lot of work for our recipients to do on their end either. We're thrilled about shipping to the above destinations!


"Not Round" center stones!

Cushion, Asscher, Regent,  Modified square, New "Old European" style round and cushion, as well as larger  Modern Round Brilliant cuts have garnered 

 requests for 4 prong variants of my Signature "Flame, Torchiere and Fancy Torchiere" engagement settings.  

Photo below is of a GOG August Vintage Cushion set into my (900) platinum Fancy Torchiere setting  - with matching wedder.

My Torchiere and Flame setting series are now available at minimum 5mm round center stone dimensions - down from 6mm minimum. 

The following photos are of my "Petite Torchiere" with diamonds in the crown and a 5 mm round main diamond. Thank you, Geoff!


For my signature settings , a six week lead time - or less (after final agreements have been reached and funding is in place) should remain reasonable. For wedding bands, your wedding date takes prominence. If you book your bands well in advance of your required date, then you've secured your spot in my schedule and you've locked down  the cost of materials. 

Delivery of your wedding bands will not necessarily be made within a 6 weeks from the date funded - but more in line with your date required.

Each piece is made to your specifications required after we've reached agreement as to what we'll create and your funding is in place . 

If you have a specific date by which you must take delivery, please let me know that date early in our discussions. It's much easier for me to consider your date than to repeat my published time frame. Some work will be completed before 6 weeks pass. I'd like to ship as soon as your work is deliverable. 

I request that payment be made in full when your order is placed. 



  Please include your phone number in your email to me. If my mail doesn't appear to get through to you, I'll call when it seems appropriate. If you receive my automatic response to your email, it's reasonable to assume that your mail has come through my server. I check my mail several times per week. I don't have staff to respond to mail throughout the day.

 I do make it a point to be near a phone most weekday afternoons between 3:00 and 5:00 PM Eastern time. 

Please feel free to call 978-369-1950 and let me know what you're thinking about. 

Please indicate in your email header that you have read through these pages  Custom  page and my F. A. Q. 

A simple "I read your notes" ( if you really did read them) in your email header will help to get your mail read.

  My "auto response" email will help to guide you further. 

MWM Signature Works - Unique Engagement Rings

The following several image sets are of my SunBurst, Torchiere, Fancy Torchiere and Flame Platinum engagement ring settings. 

  Price chart  for MWM unique platinum engagement ring settings.  


" Fancy Torchiere "   Platinum engagement ring setting

This style has been a frequent request. It's the Flame or Torchiere crown being carried by approximately 2.4 mm wide, bead set diamond ring shank. 


This ring is "EK's" 2 carat center diamond  along with 20 small diamonds @ approximately 1.3mm - in a ring size of 5 1/2. This style can be developed as a 4 or 6 prong setting for 6mm and larger round main diamonds - or a 4 prong setting for cushion and modified square center stones.



The Petite SunBurst Solitaire platinum engagement ring setting

 I've been making slender versions of my platinum SunBurst Solitaire for those who have asked. This is becoming our most popular request. 

We've dubbed this the "Petite SunBurst" and it's available for any round center diamond of  approximately 6mm diameter and larger.

The linked photos are of a ninety seven point (0.97 ct.), D color, internally flawless beauty set in my favored (900) platinum. 

The ring in these images is size 5. 

The original SunBurst Solitaire setting features a shank width of approximately 3mm.

The body of  Petite SunBurst  is approximately 2.5 mm in width - wide enough for all of the flowing curves to play out and remain a substantial product.

 It's just a bit less bold than the original.


Mark S. asked me to show off the Petite SunBurst that we built around his 1.7 ct. diamond. Here you go, Mark! Thank you! 

Diamond set Wedding bands for the SunBurst and Torchiere 

I've been working on new wedding bands for the SunBurst and Torchiere solitaire settings.  Here's a link to a rendered wedding set with a 1.5 ct. Petite SunBurst solitaire accompanied by a bead set matching diamond band. 

This link leads to a straight, 13 diamond band to coordinate with the Petite SunBurst Solitaire.

Mate bands for SunBurst and Torchiere are interchangeable. "Petite" is made to fit with "Petite" and "Classic is made to fit "Classic" proportioned engagement settings. Please let me know if you'd like to change it up a bit.


The "Torchiere"  a truly Unique platinum engagement ring is making a name for itself.

This mounting style is available in standard and petite proportions - and it is available with or without small diamonds in the crown - because that's how you've asked for it.

The Flowing Mate Platinum wedding Bands for SunBurst and Torchiere

<<< To the left: The "Petite Torchiere" ~2.5mm ring width in both the solitaire setting and the fitted wedding band.

>>> On the Right: The "Torchiere Classic" ~3 mm ring width in both the solitaire setting and the fitted band.

If you'd prefer the thinner Petite wedding band to accompany your Classic 3mm Torchiere setting, just let me know.

Flowing diamond set wedding bands for the Torchiere and SunBurst series are shown above.


We are very proud to present ......

The SunBurst Solitaire Platinum engagement ring setting

… a promise of ten thousand Brilliant tomorrows

(c) Mark Morrell 2005

The Original SunBurst Solitaire

For your reference, the ring in the above photos features a 1.45 ct. Round brilliant diamond.

My solitaire settings are available to hold round diamonds starting at 6mm.and larger. Every ring is created specifically for the diamond size and the ring size request by the client - one ring at a time. 

The SunBurst and Petite SunBurst solitaires are created in 2 separate sections which are finished to delivery specs before assembly, finished again after assembly and polished one more time after the diamond has been set. As with the woman who will wear this piece, there isn't a hard edge on this ring. Comfort, Subtle Elegance and  Substance are the driving factors behind this and most of my pieces.   

 Please call or write for current prices in 900 platinum. 

Any price that I quote will be for the mounting ONLY which will usually include any trim or accent stones but will NOT include the cost of your center diamond. 

The main or center  diamond is NOT included in ANY prices that may be discussed in these pages or in private discussion. 

I will provide any and all necessary small, accent diamonds for my products. The cost of  F-G, VS, very fine make accent diamonds that I provide WILL be included in any price quotes.

Please plan on up to 6 weeks (seasonal)  after funding is in place for  delivery for my signature pieces. Each piece is made to the specifications required after I receive your order.

If you have a specific date by which you must take delivery, please let me know about it early in our discussions. It's much easier for me to consider your date than to repeat my published time frame.   

Regarding  Product Pricing 

Precious metal market prices have been volatile.  Price quotes are issued with the assumption that your order is to be placed when our quote is issued. We will honor our quote if your order is placed and funds (in the form of either check or wire transfer) are submitted to us within 72 hours of when we quote a price. Orders placed more than 72 hours after our quote is issued may be priced differently.   

I have a  price schedule for my signature settings posted here. All prices are subject to change without published notice.

The (ORIGINAL) Flame
  Solitaire Platinum engagement ring


 These images are of the "Flame" solitaire engagement ring setting. This mounting is shown with  a 6.5 mm (~1 carat size) center stone. This ring is available with 6 small diamonds at ~0.01 ct. each (one pointers) in the crown for a total small diamond weight of ~.05ct in accent diamonds. This popular style is also available without small diamonds set into the crown. 

Both versions of the "Flame" solitaire (with and without diamonds in the crown)  are currently available for a range of round center stone sizes from approximately 5 mm to approximately 9 mm. in diameter 

  I've posted  photos of the very first of the series here. Enjoy.  

 As the sole craftsman here, answering similar questions repeatedly and in depth can make it very difficult for me to meet my commitments in a timely manner.  

Please read the Custom  page and my F. A. Q. before you write or call.

Thanks very much! 

"Nested Crown" Solitaire ........... with a little secret inside

Here's a platinum iteration that departs from my usual "White on White" work

Please click on the image for more information.

Fred chose Hot Pink and Lavender sapphires for his "Nested Crown" engagement setting


Please remember that I can only collaborate directly with the principal on development projects. I do not have the staff or the additional time necessary to deal with third party spokespersons. If you are not the person who makes the decisions regarding plans for a project, please ask the decision maker to contact me directly. 

Thank you! also for all of your inquiries regarding new product plans and price quotations! Some have asked why I can't simply "draw up a set of plans" and quote a project price "right now" even though "we don't need the piece right away". The fact that mine really is a single craftsman workshop comes with it's benefits and it's drawbacks. When I'm working to meet commitments, particularly during the height of wedding season, then I must focus on the work that I've been promised for delivery. As I do all of the planning and price quoting and I personally (as in - all by myself) craft every piece that I deliver, I simply can't put my full concentration into more that one thing at a time. I don't mean to offend or to appear "arrogant" when I explain that I'm not in a position to answer a request at this time. I sincerely appreciate each and every person who wishes to have a setting personally crafted by Mark Morrell.

 Because of the wide variety of stone and ring sizes that I may be asked to accommodate, many configurations of my signature pieces are defined for the first time when your order is placed. Please allow time in your schedule for me to create the appropriate configuration for your needs. 

 As always, current and established clients - please feel free to contact me for your wedding band needs. 


Client Projects - Unique Platinum engagement rings


This sweet platinum  "BT" wedding set is substantial and, at the same time, it's almost not there at all. 



The basic "BT" geometry translates nicely to cushion cut centers as well.

The "BT" style was developed to mate cleanly with a straight, diamond-set or plain, rounded wedding band.


Delicate - not fragile.   Classic 3 stone style with a soft, comfortable approach to the surfaces 

A little over 4 carats total diamond weight.   It's nice to see a renewed interest cushion cut diamonds.

 A bit of whimsy  -  Undeniable impact.  

Thank you, Nathan!

Please feel free to call 978-369-1950 - Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. Eastern time - with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. 

  As always, thank you for stopping by.......

Mark Morrell

Please note that there are NO authorized resellers of my custom work.

Platinum Information

The platinum alloy that I use and Why I've chosen to use it

I am working in "classic" 90% platinum, 10% iridium alloy. I find that this alloy provides the best combination of workability and durability. This is the reason that this mix has become the platinum smith's metal  of choice for so many decades.    


Care, Maintenance and Insurance concerns

As a rule, any mounting should be professionally cleaned and inspected twice annually. We strongly suggest that our clients seek out a qualified, local, independent jeweler and be nice to them. You'll want to build a lasting relationship in order to properly care for and maintain your new heirlooms. Don't wear your fine jewels while working in the garden or in other situations where heavy impact or abrasion might damage your stones or metal surfaces. Leave your rings at home if you're going to the gym. My rings are intended to be on your finger through many of life's most important moments but lapses in caution and deliberate abuse will destroy any jewelry before it's time. Be sure to keep your insurance coverage on your important jewels up to date. 

 If you don't utilize your local talent, your local talent won't be there when you need them.

I am pleased to inspect and clean our own work for my clients. There is no charge to the original purchaser for cleaning and inspection of my work. Insured, return shipping will be billed at regular prices.  Standard (normal, expected) maintenance procedures for my work will be done free of charge for the original purchaser during the first year of ownership. This maintenance includes the first ring sizing if necessary (eternity rings are NOT resizable), metal polishing and stone tightening where necessary. This no cost offer does not extend to unusual or extreme situations such as damage caused by misuse, impact or trauma and it does not cover damage or loss to an item that we did not provide (such as stones or other items that you may  have provided for us to incorporate into your setting /jewel). Owners must insure against damage or loss with their personal insurance agent. I simply create my little sculptures. I have no control over what they might be exposed to after they leave my hands. I am not offering insurance against loss or damage to your item. I'm simply offering to help you make it fit correctly, keep the stones tight and clean at no charge for the first year. I've heard of in-store maintenance/insurance contracts that some large chain stores are selling along with physical product. Please do not confuse my offer with any  kind of warrantee or additional cost insurance coverage. It is neither.  If an item is sent to me for first year care - or for any reason at all - insured shipping costs both ways are the client's responsibility - even if the work that I do for you is at no cost. 

Why the limitations?

The majority of the center stones that I work with were purchased elsewhere. I did not sell these items. I did not profit in any way from the sale of these items and it would be foolish to put myself in a position of liability regarding these items. I strongly suggest that the owner of any item have insurance against loss or damage in place before having that item sent to me by your verifiable appraiser or vendor. I am not going to insure your property at any time except during shipping. We have third party insurance available to cover loss during shipment to your verifiable vendor of appraiser. Specific rules do apply.

So .... what do I do now?

I've written numerous project descriptions  / job proposals for clients who have been in the process of insuring their property - before I receive it. Typically, your insurer will want to know what is expected to happen with your property before they will sell you insurance on it. I'll be pleased to work with you in getting proper information to you - so that you may arrange with your insurance provider to have your items insured  before we commence with receiving your goods and finishing your project. 


Regarding redundant information: There are bits of information repeated all over these pages. I'm aware of that fact. Some of this is due to frequently overlooked yet very important comments and some is due to the need for a rewrite of this entire site. I'm generally busy in the workshop and with my photo efforts - so the site layout will wait for updates. Please continue to bear with my cumbersome web editing efforts while I continue make memorable pieces for your pleasure.

Thank you!  



More Unique Client Platinum engagement ring projects

The following links will take you to images of projects that I've delivered in recent years. 

Most of  pieces in these images are not regular "production" items, however, existing styling queues can often be applied to new projects. 

DJ's Unique Platinum Engagement ring and wedding band set features a 2.65 ct. center diamond. 

There are more images of this incredible wedding set here.

Congratulations, DJ! and thank you for the opportunity to build these wonderful little sculptures for you.



Doodles - Some recent project plans 

Wedding bands from recent years - posted December, 2006

New projects posted February, 2006

 New projects posted  January, 2005

 New projects posted  October, 2004